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Are you wondering how you are going to get 50+% of your students to proficient this year to get out or stay out of Program Improvement?

Do you know about the Safe Harbor calculation method?

If you don’t, you need this toolkit. It is a print-ready report on the Safe Harbor calculation method, customized for your school and appropriate for staff and board members. The report includes:

  • Education on the Safe Harbor calculation itself, including examples.
  • A calculation of how many students you need to move to proficient in 2012 based on your 2011 data. Hint: It’s fewer than you think.
  • Your CST performance in a Safe Harbor framework unique to 4point0schools. We display your data so that your staff will understand how to meet your target.
  • High-quality graphs of your performance on English and Math -- overall, by grade level, and by subgroup.

Your toolkit also includes:

A print-ready list of students you can target to meet the calculation requirement. It features:
  • A strategic ordering of students.
  • Ordering by grade level for easy use with your staff.
  • Subgroup information for further targeting, as described in the report.
  • A spreadsheet of student scores for your own use.

From you we need your 2011 STAR CD or a similar data file (ask for specifications).
Your toolkit is digital and will be sent to you via e-mail.
Expect your toolkit within a week of sending us your data file.

for elementary and middle schools

    for K-8 schools

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    We all have enough gray hair. Ours is gray from making graphs. Yours is gray from managing a school. We are not brave enough to take on your job, but we know many administrators who lose perfectly good hair on graphs.

    It's usually June. Sometimes it's October or November. The visiting team is coming in February and Chapter 1 of the Self-Study isn't even written. You've spent months gathering data and are left with little time to review it, much less write about it.

    What if you had had an assistant to gather all of your CST, CAHSEE, and CELDT data in advance?

    What if the assistant also put together a system for you to review the data with your staff?

    What if that assistant had a social science Ph.D. with a specialty in data presentation?

    Could you even find that kind of help?

    What would it cost?

    The help is right here and the prices won't even affect your hair color. Give us a call. We work with schools in
    WASC and PI.

    Don't spend your time on data reporting. We've already done it for you.
    Your Go-To Source For Data Services
    Serving California Public Schools

    We are offering three types of graphical packages this season:

    1) The
    WASC Self-Study System to assist you in your WASC data analysis needs.

    2) A CST and CELDT package to assist elementary and middle schools in their self-review needs.

    3) The
    CST Suite of products that take you deeper into your CST analyses.

    Our graphical packages are:

    • Priced to give you a high value for your dollar.
    • Designed by a Ph.D. social scientist with a minor in statistics.
    • Professional images similar to the design used to present data in the Wall Street Journal and The Economist magazine.
    The self study systems and teacher reflection packages will be accompanied by videos in the summer of 2009 designed to teach your teachers about the reports.

    Professional Appearance Matters

    Here's a graph from Microsoft Excel's template:


    And here, using the same data, is a graph:


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